Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Independent Day Malaysia!

hey hey!

Selamat Hari kemerdekaan Malaysia! erm did you guys have watched matluthfi90 punya video on youtube? yeahhh compilation videos for independent day. so to support matluthfi90's compilation video here, i am malay and i don't have any problems lepak-ing with chinese, indian or other than that because my mum used to said that ' angah, tak kiralah dia melayu ke cina ke india ke kadazan ke siam ke kalau die nak jadi jahat jahat jugak la die. menjadi jahat tak berkait langsung dengan bangsa atau agama ia adalah terpulang pada hati seseorang tu. ' huhuh! so lets make a better world together by respect each other believe and stop fighting because we all like living in one roof. satu negara kan?  keep the peace in people! insyaallah negara akan aman! i am muslim and islam taught me to respect others although we are different religion and treat everyone equally. tak salah berbeza pendapat kerana itu menunjukkan identity kita dan berbeza pendapat itu adalah teman berfikir yang paling baik :) so chill, relax and accept the differences between others. happy independent day peeps! 


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